Eternal Gardens app

A cross-platform app on Android and iOS, with special font features and advanced monitoring

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Eternal Gardens' all-around Janazah App. Essential resources for regular visitors to the cemetery and for those who need a reminder on the basics of Janazah salah & burial related information.

The burial announcement form is key for Families and community leaders to accurately announce funerals with the required information. The form will provide clickable navigation, dates time and locations to ensure ease for everyone insha'Allah.

Ionic framework

Using one framework that is open source, the Ionic framework, we are able to have a single codebase and publish on Android and iOS. This allows us to save time building our apps and intern, save money for the client. For simple applications that don't require many advanced technologies, this is a perfect way to start a businesses initial app offering.

Right to left support

This app uses the Arabic font, specifically the Quraanic style. This style is unusual and requires to have a special font file. This font file is glyphs that the standard Arabic system font files do not include. We managed to allow Arabic to be included without using any pre-rendered images. This means that you can highlight, copy and even change the font size of the text. This is something that many websites and apps struggle with.

Advanced monitoring

As the app is launched, there could be unknown issues that could not be identified. Monitoring allows us to see any exceptions that are thrown by the app on all instances across all devices. This allows us to identify and resolve issues within the application on the next maintenance update.

The standards

Like all of our apps, a high standard is used when building our apps. The following is included as standard:

  • Google Analytics for mobile
  • Optimisations for new devices like iPhone X and Pixel 2
  • Content management API so clients can update the content of the app without the need to push application updates
  • Free bug fixes for 90 days from launch as part of the standard warranty. Extendable for 1, 2 and 3 years after 90 days