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A simple, responsive website with everything the user needs.

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    May 2017

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    Flight Express Ltd

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Flight express travel Ltd is a company based in London that provides flights and holidays to thousands of people around the UK. This minisite employs an easy to use interface that anyone can use on any modern device today.

This website is an example of the most simple and basic solution you can get started with. It has all of the information one might need to review your company and to quickly contact you if interested. For the current clients, it provides all the information they may need for their future endeavours.


There are a lot of small services that you have to setup and signup for when creating a website. It becomes a tedious task to keep track of when you have to adjust or change anything. This is why we manage everything we can for you. If it's a case of managing API Keys for Google Maps, or keeping track of domain renewals, it's all taken care of with our support package which is part of your hosting solution if you choose to host with Credia.

While we don't advertise the simple basic services we provide as the list is very long. Most companies will charge for such basic services, things like sitemaps, search engine optimisation, HTTPS certificates, website optimisations etc.

Invisible reCAPTCHA

The problem with today's Internet is that you have a lot of spam if you are not careful. There are thousands if not millions of bots that scour the web looking for vulnerable forms to post to or email addresses to get a hold of. So to top spam on the enquiries form. We utilised Googles reCAPTHA service. Usually, there is a button that you have to check to make sure you are not a robot. That's better than typing in random junk characters to prove that you are human but we opted for one better. The invisible reCAPTCHA service works in the background so you don't even have to check a box anymore. If it suspects that you are a robot, then it will simply ask you a simple challenge.