The Islam Shop website

A fully-secure, easy to update, integrated e-commerce store that will continue to improve with customer feedback.

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  • Type

    E-commerce website

  • Date

    Jan 2017

  • Client

    The Islam Shop Ltd

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The Islam Shop website is a new development from Credia that is now using the Laravel framework as its foundation. It is a new e-commerce offering that integrates with multiple services.

Once development was complete and before we went to production, the entire website will be scanned with Detectify to make sure that everything is secure. Like all of our websites, it will have a Let's encrypt HTTPS certificate as standard.

Service integration

We have created an integrated e-commerce platform to avoid reinventing the wheel and make development cost effective.

We integrate with:

Future developments

Credia doesn't just move on after we finish a project. Further development of the website done as we look at feedback from customers, analytics data and other metrics to see what we can improve to increase sales.

After Phase 1 of the website was complete, we planned on adding additional features and improvement to the website. Features such as Facebook login, search engine optimisation and mobile checkout.

Content management

Managing a large store is not easy. There are thousands of products to manage. This is why our content management system, you can manage stock with ease. Our systems provide administrators with features mass editing, excel sheet import and automated promotions.

When the new store was in development, we needed a way to import data the old website that didn't allow exporting of products. This is why we tasked to turn websites into Excel spreadsheets, clean it up and then upload all at once. 

Advanced servers

With this website, we knew that we needed to have a powerful server to serve customers. With the option to expand, we have chosen a quad core, SSD, high bandwidth server to host on. This allows us to make sure that the website will not slow down at peak times and will keep up with future developments.