About me

I founded my company in 2009 just after I left school where I created my first static website for my first client. It was just the basic left aligned website made in a bedroom, nothing special. The amount of time I spent vs what I received in payment for that job averaged. Since then, I developed my skills to a professional level and have never stopped learning.

Soon after, I learnt how to program Java in College and sparked my love for computing. I dabbled in creating websites in my spare time. Learning as I went along and using the new skills that I acquired in my education. At college, having gone through A-Level Electronics and Physics. I learnt how to make hardware and write software for hardware based projects.

Two years later I was at university studying BSc Computer Systems Engineering. Here are some of the things I have achieved during my time there:

  • I developed in programming languages including C, C++, Java and Assembly. Using these languages, I crafted small projects to solve given problems.
  • I created a cloud-based patient record system for my final year project. I built upon Amazon Web Services using their NoSQL database (DynamoDB), compute (EC2) and Amazon S3.
  • I learnt to be accustomed to multiple types of computer Operating Systems from Microsoft Windows to Unix-like systems such as Solaris.
  • I completed a teamwork project on a maze solving robot mouse using an embedded microcontroller. It used electronic range sensors and was coded in C. The project used both my skills in Electronics and Computing.

After graduating, I decided to take on a Masters degree right away in Software Systems Engineering at UCL. It was one of the best/expensive decisions I made in my life. During the intensive year long course, I achieved the following:

  • I worked on a large scale project with Microsoft UK. The aim of the project was to improve the quality of lives of people who live outside of care homes. Using technologies like Bluetooth LE, accelerometers with mobile applications. Together with machine learning, we monitor and detect health issues.
  • In the third term of my course, I worked with a team of developers on a project called Cities Unlocked. We help visually impaired users navigate the urban environment using Microsoft technologies. We created a multitude of solutions using Bluetooth beacons to allow blind users to use a bone conducting headset and their phones to navigate around their surrounding environment.
  • I trained in the principles and the latest techniques in requirements engineering and software architecture.
  • I learnt practical skills in project management from the viewpoint of a real world technical industry. With a focus on Agile development and test driven development.
  • I developed my knowledge in the correct behaviour and attitudes towards security and its consequences to human usability.
  • I developed an aptitude in the tools and environments used in software development. i.e. testing, code management/maintenance.

My mission

My mission today is to build unique and quality technological solutions for my clients using my experiences in the state of the art.