Credia provides an extensive list of services on different platforms ranging from the web to desktop applications. Learning how to do new things never stops, with the ever changing technology landscape, I keep myself up to date. Today I provide an expanding set of services and solutions to many clients in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Web Design & Development

Credia creates bespoke handcrafted websites. None of this pre-made bootstrap template stuff. If you want a simple static website or a fully content managed one, we will meet your needs. Credia only uses the latest in web technologies to bring you the latest responsive website that will be accessible to all of your customers.

Cyber Security Solutions

We provide a range of security services. You need to protect your business long term. My goal is to design manageable and meaningful security solutions that creates the tiniest amount friction to your day to day operations. We take into consideration the risks, economics, privacy, behavour and more so your security model is molded to your requirements without breaking information security rules.

E-commerce Storefronts

If you want to sell your products or services online, you can do so very easily with the right help. Credia will setup, train, and help you monitor and manage your inventory, orders, invoices and more. Credia can securely set up your website to include 2048 bits of encryption to secure your website and its transactions.

Mobile Applications

Have an idea for an app? Need an app for your business? Then Credia can create an app for you. You can have native or cross platform apps supporting a range of devices including iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone.

Hardware Design & Development

If your business requires some specialist electronic hardware, then Credia can take care of your product lifecycle. From design, assembly to manufacturing, we can help you create the right product to fit your needs.

State of the Art Hosting

Hosting can be as important has the design of your websites. Credia uses the latest protocols and the next generation of servers to get you a performant and resilient web hosting solution. From automated backups to failover servers, we can make sure that there is minimum downtime to your business.