Furnow 2018

A mini-site for the International Fur Federation

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  • Date

    Aug 2018

  • Client

    International Fur Federation

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This mini-site was created in conjunction with the hidden agency. The objective was to make a mini website for the 2018 season FUR NOW campaign where young talented creatives explain why they use natural fur.

Unique development

The website is optimised to be as fast. It uses technologies like lazy loading images that are perfect for your screen resolution, caching of all assets, HTTP/2 push and more. It uses Cloudflare to optimise and protect the security of the website.

The first page shows people standing in a line. This is actually a video that is on a loop. Using a video trace of each person, you can hover over the video and actually click on each person to get their video.

This seasons ad campaign was run on print, using dynamic QR codes. We were able to add links to this website and track usage via Google Analytics