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A slick, professional website for a laser hair removal clinic. Quick to load and stylish, this website is perfect for the target audience.

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    Sep 2017

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    My Laser Ltd

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  • Website

Audience & objectives

The audience identified for this website were people who were looking for hair removal services. You can imagine that these customers will have to be relatively local hence the target area was identified as Females within the London area. The age range tells us that the users will most likely have modern devices. With all of this information and more demographic information identified from research, we can gather that our objective is to create a responsive website that allows customers to get information about the business, treatments and offers.

Latest developments in optimisation

The website is optimised to be as fast as possible by using technologies like lazy loading images that are perfect for your screen resolution, caching of all assets, HTTP/2 push and more. This website is designed to load as fast and efficiently as possible.

The usual standard

At Credia, we give our clients all the standard features that others will usually charge extra for. 

  • Accessibility features for screen readers
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Green scores in Googles Lighthouse
  • Registered Sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Link websites to Google business
  • Apple maps listing for Siri and iOS
  • Options to do the above for other search engines
  • Custom web font from Adobe Type Kit
  • MailChimp Newsletter signup integration

Dynamic price calculator

The price calculator has been created in order for customers to easily see prices of their custom-made packages. They can see what discounts they can get even get notified of the best prices. This interactive widget can then send back this information so that the user can book a consultation and the client already knows what they are looking for before they have ever met.

Future developments

The website has been completed, but there is so much that can be done after a website has been launched. There is no point creating a website and not using the analytical data you collect analyse and improve your website. By analysing data, you know what areas of a website can do with improvements, changes and even removal. We can then help create targeted advertising campaigns to target a demographic that you can see are searching for websites like this.

In the next phase of this project, we will be integrating with a 3rd party booking system, taking payments online and adding features like illustrations, videos and animations.

Why did I use Credia? A client testimonial


The manner in which Ismail conducted himself gave suggestions and ideas of how to develop the website like it was his own.


In terms of cost, work completed at various stages and ensuring communication was regular

Service Level

Nothing was ever a problem my requirements/changes/updates were always dealt with expeditiously

Value for money

As with everything cost is a consideration, however, I feel value for money is far more important, Credia may not have been the cheapest, however, the service level and the end result of the website is far better then what I envisaged at the consultation stage.

Bottom line is you will get companies who may be slightly cheaper or other companies who use pre-built websites however if and when you need your website to stand out from the competition you will be doing yourself a disservice by not talking to Ismail in Credia and finding out what he can do for your business.

We at myLaser are getting new customers simply on the bases that our website is easy to navigate and "looks" professional when compared to our direct competition. For me, Credia has done what I employed them to do and I will not hesitate to recommend them in the future.