Personalised video and images for your marketing needs

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  • Type

    Custom Software

  • Date

    Sep 2022

  • Client

    Studio Hammond

  • Status

    In Progress

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Imagefactory offers you a way to generate engaging marketing visuals that speak directly to each one of your customers — name by name, image by image. It will revolutionise your marketting workflow and boost your marketting performance!

Using custom written software, we take user input and send it to a rendering software to generate your custom image/video.

What is it?

Imagefactory harnesses the awesome power of 3D software to generate marketing imagery and animation specific to your brand or campaign. We can personalise pretty much any visual creative content with a text element or image. We can create one or 100,000 versions of the same content with different text for pennies per image or animation.


Credia built a few integrations with email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, HubSpot and more. It allows you to select an email list and generate custom imagery that can be sent as an email campaign. Because we create plugins and apps for these integrations, you are able to generate thousands of images and link it directly to your email lists.