Samos e-commerce

A Corporate website with parcel tracking system

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    Sep 2018

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    SAMOS e-commerce LTD

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  • Website

The Samos website is a single page website that was built using Vue and supported by Laravel. The website scores 98+ on the Google performance metrics and A+ in webpage tests as it was built with performance in mind.

Single page website

The Samos website is all on one page. The advantage of this method is that users who visit the website don't need to navigate and get lost in a web of links. As there are only two directions you can move in a single page website, up or down, the access to information is instant via the menu that will automatically scroll you to the section requested.

High Availability Load balancing service for Improved availability, performance, and scalability

As Samos is a worldwide supplier with thousands of customers a day, they cannot afford to be down for very long. However, servers will always need to be down for a bit of maintenance and networks can go down at any time without warning. For this reason, the website is hosted on multiple droplets and uses load balancing technology to make sure that even if a server goes down the Samos experience is not affected. Even if all fails, Credia has provided with a failover server that can be activated to take over at any time should a catastrophic failure occur. Credia provides Samos Sentry error detection, an uptime robot and other services to alert administrators if there is an issue.

Spam protection using reCAPTCHA v3

There are robots out there scanning the web looking to grab phone numbers and email addresses. Before long, you end up getting spammed. On top on that, if you have a widget like Zendesk, your support staff can be plagued with spam and unwanted advertising.

To protect against these threats, Credia firstly makes sure nothing valuable is shown to robots if they are scanning the website. Using reCAPTCHA v3, we try to figure out if the request is from a robot or a human. If the score is high enough, emails, phone numbers and chat widgets are enabled.